pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

plush velvet terorist

So I have a rather yellow (red-dun fjord) and rather free (you can't force him to do anything, but he'll do almost anything voluntarily) horse, with a bad name. "Ruppert" sounds too close to certain nasty word in czech.

This weekend he got another nickname "plysovy terorista" (plush velvet terorist). He certainly looks like toy made from plush velvet ... that is, unless I work with him ... and every litle girl falls in love with him.

Well, and the second part... we put him in quite a big paddock with significantly bigger arabian horse that did not know him. Of course I was woried that arabian would hurt my pony.

And as you can guess, my pony was unscratched next morning. (To be fair, the other horse was only scratched a bit).

Unfortunately, neither "free horse" nor "plush velvet terorist" nor "yellow horse" are suitable names. Any ideas how to call him?

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