pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

jailbreaking android: currently impossible for czech/german/... version

So I went to t-mobile shop (only one in czech republic selling g1
today)... only to learn that they will open at 10am. They are artifically trying to create queue so it seems people actually want g1 :-(.

Getting g1 to work is not easy -- its APN setup is *very* interesting. And correctly working internet is required to do anything but emergency calls. Stupid google.

Then I managed to get it to work on O2 network... only to receive lots
of ugly legaleese going my way, with only option to accept that
stupidity. Ugly.

Maps do not work for some reason. ("There is a connection
problem... we'll keep trying.") Browser otherwise works... It
works with t-mobile sim-card, and it works with o2 card over wifi today... Strange.

Keyboard backlight is unusable, and whole construction could be more robust..

Charge from USB seems slow and status differs between wall charger and
usb cable. Ouch... and those idiots are using non-standard cable for
PC connection. wants partition type 0x0b

/dev/sdb1               1         957     1929244+   b  W95 FAT32
mkfs.vfat -s 32 -F 32 /dev/sdb1

Huh... so it seems flashing rc29 to g1 bought in Czech Republic is not
easily possible: bootloader checks region (CID) and will not allow

So root break will be neccessary in order to make this usable. Running code at user level is possible: /data/data/ has rw permissions and chmod 777 works.

Oh, and one last thing. Is it possible/easy to connect notebook to GPRS/UMTS using android? I was hoping to run NAT on it and then directly serve that over wifi, but I'll settle for AT commands over bluetooth...

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