pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

hard disk problem

...and a big one. Hard disk in my primary machine failed... in quite a funny way. It had obvious problems (slowness, many retries), yet smart diagnostics claimed it is okay. I even ran "long" test -- one hour -- and it said "ok". Then I tried to read my data and it failed in under minute.

Thanks, toshiba.

[Well, it was notebook, and its tiny legs kept falling down; I kept supergluing them back but gave up month ago. That means that machine was running very slightly tilded... I thought notebooks are designed to survive that?]

I guess I should put it into the oven... That definitely helped to disk in my compaq evo ;-). [I mean, really; I had very nasty overheat because I left notebook with failed harddrive running in my backpack, and harddrive recovered.]
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