pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

gpe boots on collie 2.6

...things were relatively easy after getting touchscreen to work. pango-querymodule can be used to recreate /etc/pango/pango.module ... but how do you do that without working ">" key?

Fortunately shift-space aka "|" works, so solution is relatively easy... pango-querymodule | tee /etc/pango/pango.module. Now I can get gpe booting, asks me for my username/password, complains about missing image loaders a lot, and then presents me with (dead) "Home" screen.

Funny, on second boot, "Home" screen actually works, and I can navigate around menus. Entering games, but no games installed ;-). This actually looks like usable system!

Trying to launch system info gives me "couldn't recognize the image file format for file /usr/share/gpe/pixmaps/default/save.png" and machine started to be _really_ slow... system info will not start, but gcalculator seems to be okay (but its startup took 10seconds or so :-() and xshells work. Good. I guess it would be fun to get gpsdrive working here, but I fear collie is just not powerful enough for _that_.
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