pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

Collie: touchscreen now works in X

Start with openzaurus, use gpe image (we want X, right?). Use kernel with my patches (from git); I'm not sure if openzaurus carries all the neccessary patches.

oz includes wrong ts.conf, edit it to say:
module_raw input
module linear

for some reason, oz does not create /dev/input/*, which is actually neccessary for touchscreen. Hack initscripts so that following code is started before X:

mkdir /dev/input
mknod /dev/input/event0 c 13 64
mknod /dev/input/event1 c 13 65

xtscal should now work, and touchscreen should work. Keyboard map is unusable, unfortunately. (I have not figured out how to enter numbers and special characters). gpe-based programs seem to segfault... and only left half of messages makes it to the screen:

(gpe-calculator:3592):: Pango-WARNING
were found. Pango will not work correc
there was an error in the creation of
You may be able to recreate this file
Segmentation fault

...guess I'll have to play a bit more.
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