pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

Collie-2.6 now supported by openzaurus

Wow, and big thanks to openzaurus team.

Well, and then some problems... I'm testing (perhaps some shorter versions would be nice?).

bootstrap image complains about no altboot config, wrong kernel, then hangs with splashscreen. I'll have to figure out how to turn the splash off... some hint (alt-leftarrow) flashes there briefly, but I do not know how to press alt on collie. fn-lshift-left nor fn-rshift-left helps (AFAICT, my keyboard is old and arrows are no longer reliable).

opie image also stops in splash screen, this time with "ln /etc/resolv.conf: No space left on device". I lost my patience after 4 minutes-or-so.

Ok, moving on to gpe image.. wow, gpe got past "splashscreen", I'm now calibrating touchscreen... except that touchscreen does not work at this point. Is there some trick? But X seem to work, and that is good. I'll need to figure out how to break into shell somewhere.
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