pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

USB sucks

First I thought it is Linux that sucks. We did some quick measurements
with AC ampermeter; Windows ate 10W at minimum backlight and Linux ate
-- wait for it -- 15W during installation, 17W during runtime. Ouch.

(To put it into perspective, that means 7.5 hours with extended
battery on Windows, versus 4.4 hours with Linux/GNOME).

I promptly deleted both Windows and GNOME, but still, on console, with
self-compiled kernel, I was getting power consumption in range of
14.6W (5.1 hours). I started to investigate WTF is going on... then
realized I have this small fingerprint reader on USB.. and that
probably forces USB to stay on and wastes power.

And yes I was right. USB removed, and we are down to 11W (6.8
hours). So what does USB suck? 2 hours of my battery life...
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