July 13th, 2016

Ad blocking: yes, its war now

idnes.cz: they put moving advertisment on that their web, making browsers unusable -- they eat 100% CPU and pages lag when scrolling. They put video ads inside text that appear when you scroll. They have video ads including audio...  (Advertisment for olympic games is particulary nasty, Core Duo, it also raises power consumption by like 30W). Then they are surpised of adblock and complain with popup when they detect one. I guess I am either looking for better news source, or for the next step in adblock war...
...hmm. Perhaps time to disable javascript for such pages? No. Javascript is needed for video play back. But this seems to do the trick:


Ok, seems Richard Stallman was right once again, and non-free javascript is a problem. News websites now commonly serve javascript that goes against interests of users.
Now, disabling javascript completely solves the problem, but it also breaks video playback. Is there time to create whitelist of reasonable javascript code?