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pavelmachek's Journal
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Monday, April 11th, 2016

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Finally... power management on Nokia N900
After long long fight, it seems power management on Nokia N900 works for me for the first time. N900 is very picky about its configuration (you select lockdep, you lose video; you select something else 50mA power consumption... not good). That was the last major piece... I hope. I should have usable phone soon.
pypy: suprisingly good
Using python for weather forecasting was a mistake... but it came with some surprises. It looks like pypy is as fast as gcc -O0 on simple correlation computation: https://gitlab.com/tui/tui/blob/master/nowcast/pypybench.py (and pypybench.c). gcc -O3 is twice as fast, and plain python2 is 20x slower (or 2000% slower). Python3 is 28x. slower. That's better than I expected for the JIT technology.

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