January 11th, 2016

X servers and dangerous aircraft

It is very easy to lose track of cursor on multiple monitors... Especially if cursor is on down or right edge, only few pixels remain. Should some kind of pointer remain on the monitor even when mouse is on other monitor -- providing kind of "look that way" pointer?

Oh and... when activating USB-to-VGA adapter, mouse disappears altogether. Ouch. Unfortunately, that means system is unusable.
Is there way to adjust DPI setting, preferably per application? Does gtk has some option like that? N900 has 800x480 display. When using stylus, you can put your phone close to your eyes and pretend its a PC, but when using fingers, many controls are just way too small.
Its official: Airbus killed them.
Airbus A320 has two sidesticks, with no force feedback, and no physical link. So you are trying to recover from stall, you are pushing the sidestick fully and your first officer pulls the stick fully -- result is you remain stalled. You don't even know your first officer fights with you... That's what happened to PK-AXC, report is here. (How did they get to stall? Computers spuriously adjusted their rudder trim when they lost power. No, you should not reset flight computers like that.)
This is second accident of this type. Similar effect happened to Air France 447. (And pretty much every Airbus incident involves "dual inputs"). Lets see how many crashes it takes before Airbus provides force feedback.