January 18th, 2014

Evil people at mozilla

Mozilla people are now officially evil. When asked, why they don't offer database for download, it was for "privacy of the contributors". Nice. I contributed quite a bit of data. At that time, map only showed numbers of known points in the area.

Now, map contains precise GPS points. So, I can not only see where I live, or where my horse lives, but also where I have been, and how fast I was traveling at that time. Thanks, mozilla. Data actually useful for non-evil purposes, like cell numbers and wifi APs are still not available for download.

Can you spot your house on mozilla map?

(Ideal solution would be of course to stop displaying detailed information on the map, and start allowing database download, in "central point for given cell id / wifi id" form. That should be enough to protect privacy, and it is also useful for geolocation.. without offering your position to mozilla.)