December 14th, 2013

Liveview hardware

Sony's solution for keeing liveview on your wrist does not really work. Clip works a bit better, but then, liveview keeps falling off the holder. I tried hot glue... worked for a few hours, but then I left it charging in car near hot-air exhaust. Oops. So use super (one second) glue. That seems to work.

Plus a rant: I understand that they use low refresh rate on the OLED display. Power consumption or cost... but it is nasty. What is worse... they use too low frequency to refresh the status LED, so it flickers too... On the other hard, the device was $10 or so. (Originally, I purchased "new" one. Apparently it was "new" for too long, and its li-ion battery failed completely after cca month. That one went back to manufacturer, and now I have second-hand one. Works a bit better.)