November 23rd, 2013

Mozilla Location service

I've been playing with location using GSM cells / WIFI accesspoints for almost a year now, so Mozilla Location service was interesting news to me. Unfortunately, I soon realized that while you can contribute data to Mozilla, and ask Mozilla to locate you, you can not download database from Mozilla... Which makes it less useful than and .

Yesterday, I got to play with Mozilla location service again, and decided to check their progress... (And learn how to deal with json over http in the process). Results are not exactly pretty: my GSM database had over 72000 measurements, with 2065 unique cells (mostly Czech republic). Of those, Mozilla knew location of 6 cells...

(I'm now uploading my measurements to mozilla, so results for center of Czech republic should get a bit better.)

If someone is interested in the code, it is at tui project at sourceforge.

Situation with wifi seems to be a bit better, but scripts are slow, so it will take few hours before I know the results.