August 25th, 2013

Wherigo on Nokia n900

I kind of assumed that getting wherigo cartridge to run on N900 would be hard. I was wrong. Desktopwig from openwig project actually works well. I assumed that installing java using apt in debian chroot on N900 would be very easy. I was wrong again. Apt-get writes too much data to the flash, resulting in watchdog reset and corrupted partition. (It is quite incredible that N900 in default config is so broken that writing 80MB of data causes this...) Using settings from obscure maemo thread solved that.

So now I'm running at running cartridge on n900 and have one more problem: how to connect gps. Desktopwig talks nmea, but n900 exposes gps on dbus. I do have fake gpsd for N900... but that is still not NMEA. There must be ssome tool that talks to gpsd and outputs NMEA data, but how to find it?

Wherigo on Nokia n900 -- solved

There is in tui project -- it provides gpsd interface for applications such as rana. I added "-n" option, which outputs nmea instead of gpsd data... so all you have to do is run gpsd, run java -jar DesktopWIG.jar, tell desktopwig to connect on localhost port 2948. Now... looking forward to some nice wherigo cache.