May 9th, 2013

From squeeze to wheezy and back, and how not to backup your / filesystem

I'm still running squeeze on my X60... and I decided that with wheezy becoming "stable", it was good idea to upgrade. Before I started, I did back up my root filesystem (fortunately), with

cp -a --one-file-system / somewhere

Upgrade was a bit of fight (like aptitude trying to take hours of cpu time), but eventually I succeeded... Only to realize that system no longer boots into GUI and (worse) that gnome2 is gone. I'm not great fan of gnome3; definitely on X60, anyway. Its animations feel excessive even when system is unloaded, if there's some background load it quickly becomes unusable. I googled a bit, and it did not look like going back to gnome2 is not exactly easy.

So I went back from the backup. First, chromium refused to run because new version broke the config files. I restored those from backup. But next... strangely my self-compiled 3.9 kernel stopped working. Stock debian kernel kept running, but own kernel ran init then rsyslogd broke the boot.

Can you guess what went wrong?

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