April 8th, 2013

openmobility position talk

Openmobility conference was nice... All the promising cellphone platforms around, 2 3D printers and a plane with camera as a bonus.

If someone is interested, slides are here. And yes, contributing GSM cells do the databases is as easy as walking around with Android phone and suitable application. Czech republic has ~50% cell coverage now, so GSM positions are already usable, and it will only get better...

TI Chronos surprise

I picked up TI Chronos after long time -- like half a year. (Yes, I'd like to know if Pebble smartwatch is lighter than this... because chronos are a bit too heavy for me.) And I was surprised: time on watch actually matched time on thermometer.

...which was very surpising, given that DST changed in the meanwhile, and given that chronos had trouble keeping good time.

Well... it turned out I was really lucky: chronos was day off. (And then I realized that I did not update thermometer to DST. I hate DST. Changing timezone twice a year is stupid.)