March 8th, 2013

Flash memory... and are there reasonably small cellphones

The race for the smallest cellphone stopped around time of Ericsson T68... too bad. There are still some small cellphones -- 40g does not look bad, but... I'd really like the race to continue. That does not mean I'm going to give up the Nokia n900, it means I'd like something small for the secondary phone.

Given all the problems I've seen from flash cards, I'd expect SSDs to be unreliable. There's now some evidence SSDs have problems. I'd really like to see the product names... I believe they did one think wrong in the story: as SATA is based on sectors, they should not expect atomicity of 4K blocks.

And on the related note, it looks like SD cards are not as bad as they usually are, you just have to be very careful about formatting. Would not it be nice if mkfs did this automatically?