February 8th, 2013

Android emulation for single process

Single-process emulator... is there one somewhere? Blackberry seems to use one, too (any idea how it is called?), but I can't find them. Apparently Myriad Alien Dalvik was second attempt (and they got it running on n900, but it seems to be waporware). I believe android emulation is going to be very very important very soo -- because of all the local apps. I tried downloading android sources, but even that is non-trivial, and compiling them is apparently also non-trivial... Like weekend project.

Where do old android applications go?

I used to be running Waze and Push-to-talk lite. Unfortunately... newer versions no longer support HTC Dream
(with its android 1.5). Unfortunately, I was foolish enough to uninstall application (or in case of waze, it simply broke), and now it is no longer possible to install. Oops.

(If someone has copy of Waze old enough to run on android 1.5, let me know. Waze client is GPLed, so that should be legal.)

Speaking of push-to-talk... Push-to-talk over email is surprisingly simple, fast and usable. Typing on cellphone sucks, but speaking a message is not a problem, and sending PTT message is not latency sensitive, so it is fine over GPRS. I may even try to code it for N900. (And if someone already has something similar, please leave a comment).