June 20th, 2012

Do u-SD cards work better with just one partition?

I'm trying to use Debian in chroot on my android cellphone. With 2GB u-SD card and filesystem mounted using loopback, it worked very slowly, but ok. Then I lost the cellphone... and the u-SD card, and got 16GB one... and made a decision to partition the card to avoid loopback.

Well, the resulting setup did not work at all, and the card failed in PC after a while, too, so it went back to the manufacturer.

But the next 16GB card was acting funny in the same setup, too (this one pretended not to exist after brief period of load). But this time I decided to repartition it back to single partition and put ext2 back into loopback... And now it works.

Weird, but my phone just got much more useful.