May 29th, 2011

How do you deal with good camera

So I got myself Sony Alpha A200 DSLR. Before, I was able to take 100 2-megapixel photos with historical Kodak toy, deleted half of them, hand-selected 5 really nice photos, and everything was fine.

Today, I took 920 photos, 2.5GB total (and that is far from max resolution). How the hell I'm supposed to sort that?

Oh, and my sister got driving lesson after not driving for few years. Pala (== Skoda Forman), which implies difficulty = high. Original motivation was empty battery... Which was bad news #1: you may not let the engine die, because we'll not be able to restart it. Bad news #2 was relatively innocent: parking brake does not stick in the "parked" position. And then came bad news #3: engine temperature reached the red line, so electrical cooling is probably broken and you may not go too slow.

Congratulation to my sister, because she was able to drive for 30 minutes without incident, and without engine dying. She should be able to drive any kind of trash with four wheels from now on.

(And she probably believes me that car is way safer than a horse).