March 14th, 2011


Ok, so I had "small" problem with a car. Stuck brake on front right wheel produced a lot of heat.

After repair, front left wheel produces heat. Ouch.

But.. those are only brakes, and Forman has two independent vehicle brakes, handbrake and you can use engine to slow down. That's four more brakes then my horse. I guess I should feel safe?

But for some reason drive-by-wire systems in cars scare me. I guess I just don't trust the software, and I do not trust computers in cars. That's the good thing about Skoda Forman -- only electronics seems to be the radio receiver. If that car had electronic, it would refuse to move long time ago. I had to start it by letting it go downhill, first... That would be a big no-no for drive-by-wire system... unfortunately such cars are rare these days.

I wonder when "no electronics in safety-critical system" cars will be rare?