November 9th, 2010

Daylight saving time sucks....

But at least it is chance to re-adjust all the clock. Unfortunately, every little device now has clock... so that's quite a lot of work. But at least time will be right... for a while.

Time from digital TV... 3 seconds off. I thought modern electronics could do better.

Plus it looks like O2 finally learned to limit data transfers on UMTS, so I'll need new connection, probably ADSL. Is there good place to get used ADSL modem?

rsync assisted by usb stick

So I use rsync to transfer big files over slow network, use USB stick to (by hand) speed up the process - by transfering big files I knew are changed to the USB stick and then to the other system, relying on rsync to set up correct attributes etc.

And now I wonder... surely someone has scripts/special utility to do this automatically?