February 23rd, 2010

do androids dream of electric sheep?

Ok, so I got paper version of Blade Runner... and I enjoyed it, even through I expected a bit more.

But now... my android seems to be downloading electric sheep at 100MB/night rate. And yes, it continues during the day, too, and would probably do more if I had better connection than GPRS.

No, rebooting the phone did not help. According to 'spare parts', component responsible for the traffic is 'media'... which is alias for 'download manager' and pretty much opaque. So I tried plain old tcpdump, to find that it is talking to 1e100.net; I have custom rom but it was still trying to download updates.

Solution is "easy": disable background data. Unfortunately, it also disables market and gtalk. Is there better solution?

Oh and it is now clear. Androids do not dream of electric sheep, they dream of digital donuts.


FLOSS weekly podcast has interview with someone from Symbian foundation. Interesting point is, that even Symbian people acknowledge Android as good, but will try to attack it from below, by using less power and running on smaller device. They even have a blog.

What they do not have is working system on real hardware... which is quite interesting. They claim to be using qemu and beagleboard, citing lack of drivers and claiming no open devices exist. I guess someone should show them OpenMoko or HTC Dream (ADP1). Plus they do have their own c++ dialect, with proprietary compiler and

Ouch, and what they do have is design by comitee. Actually design by 4 comitees :-(.

Anyway, it is great to see more opensource competition in cellphones; and I hope it does not mean death of Maemo platform.