February 21st, 2010

armored vehicle from Nokia

I knew 6230 is a good phone, and yes, it seems to come back. I lost it in a bus twice already (and good people returned it both times), lost it from bycicle and a horse back...

I went to the mountains, and estimated the trip from bus to Petraska at 4 hours (arriving at cca 23:30). But I selected
shorter way over ski slope and made it under two... only to realize that I lost 6230 somewhere.

I was told I had no chance to find it; but in nice, quiet night ringing and blinking phone is rather easy to find so I disagreed, and went back for a rescue -- 6230 still had signal and was ringing
somewhere in the mountains.

But I was pretty suprised when I found the 6230 -- it was 5 centimeters under the snow, getting direct hit from snow gun for about 2 hours... I only found it because of light. Battery was low, but phone is alive and continues to work.

To whoever designed 6230: thanks!