January 30th, 2010

Thinkpad x60: battery firmware killed my battery

Ok, so galeon eating 100% cpu 80% of the time, thus keeping the machine hot and thus the battery hot was probably part of the problem, too, but...

Three days ago, battery was good enough for half an hour of 100% CPU load... that's still pretty good (should be like 1.5hours of low load). Unfortunately, I tried using notebook on battery power after "only" 5 hours of charge, and battery went too low. Not the battery firmware declared the battery dead, and refuses to charge it -- so I can no longer even move the notebook from one wall socket to another.

Is there any way to reset the battery firmware? The cells are still capable of at least half an hour, probably hour or more, and stupid firmware does not even let me to use them for half a minute :-(.

Would tp_smapi help?