January 26th, 2010

no does not mean no, if you are an android

Android phones want to use data network, all the time, and
anywhere. It is quite bad in home
network -- there's no "allow data usage" toggle and andoid will
connect automatically upon boot. If you have plain o2 card, thats $1.2
for them. (Fortunately there is apndroid and friends, that allow easy
toggling, but you are still racing against gprs network attach. 'Boot
in airplane mode' option would be useful, and 'disallow data' mode
similar to airplane mode toggle should really be there.)

Bad enough in home network, data usage is really killer in
roaming. So... that's why android has 'data roaming' option. It is
default on, bad! What's worse -- the option does not really work;
apparently it is racy enough that you still get roaming charges when
crossing borders.