January 15th, 2010

Android mystery

So I had android eat battery like crazy, and when I tethered PC, I was
getting like 10KB/sec (instead of 80KB/sec). I tried searching who is
using network, only to be told that it is 'Media' :-(.

I tried installing network monitor widgets, but it turns out there's
no really good monitor available, and some of those want to use
network themselves...

It seems acast was responsible -- it tried to download video podcast
in background. To add insult to the injury, the video was not even
playable on the android...

Android market sucks, part II.

Half applications have totally strange requirements -- like 'control
vibrator' and 'full internet access'. Do they phone home? I guess so.

Licenses are only available only after you have already wasted your
time/bandwidth downloading the crap. Like wikitude: it presents you
with welcome screen with one button 'yes I agree to eula'... (I'd welcome court decision saying that license has to be available before download, or is unenforcable. After all, the only copying you really do is from server...)

podcasts worth listening

Ok, so 'podcasts you love, from people you trust' tagline should have
warned me. 'FLOSS weekly' from same twit network is a bit full of
advertising, but otherwise ok. 'Security Now'... is quite another
thing. They don't seem to know what they are talking about, and use
even more advertising. 'Spin Write' they are pushing all the time seems
suspiciously like snake oil. But it gets worse. 'SameOrigin troubles'
episode, they kind-of defend Adobe for grave security hole. Flash
object with .gif extension and image/gif content type still gets
executed, and can steal your data. Adobe claims that can't be
fixed. Well, I always knew Flash is malware but, ...

Anyway, worst stuff came with 'elephant in the browser'
episode... They are pushing some remote aceess 'solution': "you just
mail the link to executable to them, they click on it, download .exe,
run it and you fix their computer, all completely secure". Hmm, sounds
so. Not.

So there's 'FLOSS weekly' podcast, then 'lkml summary podcast'. I listened to
'all things considered' music podcast, but I can't find it now, or any
other reasonable music podcast for that matter. So... whats worth