October 26th, 2009

fastest clock

Gaining ten minutes in two hours tipped me off a bit -- that's too bad even for $3 clock.

It turned out that the clock can really keep time -- given "good enough" power supply. They were really designed with their small batteries in mind. Give them 2.4V (2x NiMH), and they gain time at 10minutes per two hours (and other glitches, like sometimes going into "time not advancing" mode, when seconds change but get reset to 0 when you stop watching them). Give them 3V (2x primary cell), and they fail to work, producing distorted, blinking display. Give them 1x primary cell, 1x NiMH, and they fail to work, too. But give them 1x new primary cell, and 1x almost empty primary cell, for 2.7V total, and voila, they actually start keeping time...