October 15th, 2009

Some Spitz / Zaurus C-3000 power answers

Ok, so I think I know what is going on with zaurus charging slowly when powered up: misterious "half charge" mode is actually used every time machine is not suspended.

That explains why it gets away with 1A wall charger -- when collie used 2A charger. Also... wifi card I'm using is nastier than I thought. It draws 220mA when active, which would be kind-of expected, but it also draws 70mA when not active. Ouch.

Plus, I got zipit z2 to play with. So far, I'm not too impressed. Yes, device is light and probably cheap, but... it uses obscure miniSD card format, and not even its keyboard works properly -- as soon as you start typing faster, it will loose keystrokes or confuse them. Not good for IM machine...