September 29th, 2009

Good reason to avoid Palm Pre, tamagotchiware

jwz's fight with appstore should be warning for you.

And yes, there are good reasons to avoid nokia n900, too. Yes, Nokia considers their charging code too secret to release :-(.

Not that android is without problems; but at least you can get unlocked/flashable Google Dev 1. (And jailbreaking G1s should be very easy now due to kernel bugs uncovered in the meantime. That may work even on HTC Hero, check kernel versions.)

Not that android app store is without problems... the one that annoys me is that it fails to distinguish between free/opensource programs, and proprietary software costing $0.

While demo versions are usually marked properly (so I can simply avoid them), I managed to install applications I'd call tamagotchiware... locale and andnav2 fall into that category. They periodically "expire" -- usually at the moment when you need them and have poor network connection -- and force you to reinstall. Locale is particulary annoying, as it does not even let you go back to default settings.