May 14th, 2009

more benchmarking, more androids are right, eee did not contain atom but celeron CPU. And fastest time is now

E8500 (3.6?GHz Core2 Duo), 0.090s.

In the meantime, I found out that adp1 can be downclocked down to 19MHz. That way my benchmark goes up to "11minutes of cpu time"... It can still tether in such state :-).

I'd like to measure power savings from the downclocking; that means either very special battery, or convincing ADP1 to run from AC power alone. Hardware is capable of that, as you can prove by pulling battery in bootloader.

Also... I'd like to try forcing 500mA charge even from "AC" power. I have crappy "charge devices from single AA battery" gizmo here, and it seems to work well with for example n6230, but seemed to discharge ADP1, not charge it. I guess it is because it can not supply 1A, voltage goes down, and bad stuff happens...