May 13th, 2009

android benchmarking

You may recall my quick benchmark:

root@amd:~# time factor $[65863223*65863159]
4337959928701457: 65863159 65863223

thinkpad x60 (core duo): 0.591 s
eee -- atom @ 630MHz: 1.673 s
arima -- athlon64 @ 1.8GHz: 0.536 s
zaurus c3000: 21.99 s
kohjinsha -- geode @400MHz: 4.062 s

Some users posted their results. Best so far are:

Xeon E5450 (3GHz): 0.116s
m68k at 25MHz: 133seconds.

And now some recent results:

android @ 384MHz: 28.61s (default)
android @ 528MHz: 20.26s ("overclocked")

Frankly, I expected ADP1 to do much better. It does not seem ARM architecture progressed significantly from Sharp Zaurus C-3000 times...

Yes, overclocking android is as simple as changing scaling_max_freq in /sys/.../cpu0/cpufreq.

Oh yes, and black version of T-mobile G1 is better. You can actually see keyboard labels under medium-light conditions, and surface is "softer" to touch -- just feels better.