May 12th, 2009

tethering androids together?

Getting android to provide wifi using ad-hoc networking is relatively easy (using G1 tether for root users). Unfortunately, android can't connect to ad-hoc network... I guess hardware can do it, but I have to find out how...

...and it makes me wonder: How power-hungry is wifi compared to umts and bluetooth? It seems like android's battery is empty after less than two hours of serving as wifi hotspot. Manually switching hotspot on and off is quite tiresome (and it is very easy to forget to turn it off, resulting in dead battery...). Should I be looking at bluetooth tethering, instead?

And last but not least... is there some reasonable way to run shell scripts from GUI? G1 tether basically is a shell script, but having few customizable buttons would be useful.

And here's my list of "must have" apps on android: wifi tether for root users, andnav2, geobeagle, sipdroid, connectbot.