May 6th, 2009

Reasonable way to keep contacts data

Long time ago, I had my contacts in single text file. It was something like "First LastName number", and I had a script to dial number based on substring. Of course, I could add unstructured information to it (like opening hours of that shop, etc), and it was sorted by me -- not alphabetically -- so I could group together people that "belonged together".

Unfortunately, then a cellphone came, and all my contacts went to its memory. Now I get bunch of vcards that are pretty hard to get off the telephone (opensync works with 6151) but are pretty much impossible to push to 6230 (6230 is buggy and reboots when it sees opensync; new opensync should solve it), are pretty much impossible to get on the android, are hard to edit, lack logical grouping, and are all mess. (I don't even _know_ last names of some of my contacts.)

OTOH I'm carrying linux machine almost all the time these days... so maybe it would be possible to solve that mess? I'd love having something like magicpoint (call it magiccontacts): minimally structured text file, that can be postprocessed to get data for various devices. Is there something like that? Or is everyone happy with vcards? Or is something more structured but containing some kind of tags to group people toggether the solution?