May 3rd, 2009

Lots of free time

Commit ef35ce231b3cb2a4b1808e826da263bf37ccb38a says:

index 2b39168..5e07367 100644
@@ -2166,7 +2166,6 @@ D: Initial implementation of VC's, pty's and select()
 N: Pavel Machek
 D: Softcursor for vga, hypertech cdrom support, vcsa bugfix, nbd
 D: sun4/330 port, capabilities for elf, speedup for rm on ext2, USB,
 D: work on suspend-to-ram/disk, killing duplicates from ioctl32

(Ok, I should really update the CREDITS entry; it contains lots of obsolete stuff. I have been playing with small devices -- notebooks/zaurus PDAs/cellphones for last few years...)

And that means that I have a lot of free time now. It is a pity; SUSE was a fun place to work at. It also means I'm searching for a new job now...