April 9th, 2009

mujmail should be usable

...now even with SSL and threading. Of course, the fact that project was accepted as finished by school does not mean it does not contain bugs etc, but well.. it is still the best j2me email client. It is also GPL.

Now... is there usable email client for Android? The built-in thing has weird controls, no threading, "reads" email on server even when user did not see them, and looses communication in a way that can not be reconnected way too often. ssh to server then mutt is more usable then that, and I was already thinking about mujmail on it...

Fighting with navit

Long time ago, timetab project was created to allow searching for public transport connections.

It worked, but as wireless connectivity was getting more common, it started to be easier to just do the online searches. But now I'd like to do something better: GPS with pedestrian routing, that would know about public transport and use it when it helps.

Begginings of that code are in timetab CVS in navit/ directory; unfortunately the code was easy to write but definitely is not easy to debug :-(.