April 4th, 2009

If you can't lift this motorbike, it is not for you

Ok, so we had 10 years old girl at the stables, wanting to ride big
horse -- not a pony. At the end she got good old gelding, cca 1m55,
and went with me, and nothing bad happened: I picked the route pretty
carefully, and she was mostly able to control the horse.

I tried to use the 'if you can't mount the horse without help, the
horse is not for you' test, but she somehow managed to pass.

I had a problem with little girl (12 years, IIRC) on this horse
before; at junction near the stables, I turned my horse right but her horse
went left... with the girl. They got out of my sight, trotting and
there was nothing I could do to help. Pretty bad feeling. (Fortunately, few long minutes after that, she returned, still on the horseback).

Is there some rule of thumb when to say 'sorry, you are too small /
too light / not strong enough for this beast'? Maybe some

[I tried to convince her mother; she was almost too scared to hold the
horse but did not stop her daughter from riding him. And yes, I could
have refused to go; but that would simply meant someone else would go.]

Out of interest, is there the reverse rule, too? I had heard stuff like "weight of rider should not exceed 1/5 weight of pony" to stuff like "weight of rider should not exceed 1/3 weight of pony" and "weight of rider should not exceed weight of pony" :-).