March 4th, 2009

openstreetmap proposed licensing change

Apparently, openstreetmap project fell in love with some lawyers, and are trying to make sure project is forked/killed...

See for context and for the ugly new license (only available as a pdf, how clever).


it is 10 pages of ugly legaleese.


ODbL explicitely does not cover art (etc) you merge it with. Under
CC-by-SA, if you create beatiful painted map partially based on
openstreetmap, everyone automatically has right to copy that map,
along with the paintings... and that's good. ODbL only covers database

If ODbL is adopted, people are allowed to create maps based on
openstreetmap, and we will not be able to copy/use those maps. That
just does not sound fair.


 + 1 week

    * Website to allow users to voluntarily agree to new
license. Design allows you to click yes, or if you disagree a further
page explaining the position and asking to reconsider as there may be
a requirement to ultimately remove the users data. This will help stop
people accidentally clicking 'no'. Sign up page now states you agree
to license your changes under both CCBYSA and also ODbL.
Yeah, that sounds voluntary. "Agree to the crap we invented, or we
delete your data".


 + 2 months

    * Final cut-off.

Hmm. openstreetmap is in big part covered by imports, and companies   
provided data for imports under CC-by-SA. Having to negotiate imports
once was bad, but having to do it second time is stupid... and 2
months do not seem like enough time.

So prepare to delete Czech Republic.


What are the benefits? I don't see any.

Debian on android

If you want to install debian on android, you can follow some HOWTOs... unfortunately they expect you to download big binary files from strange sites.

mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt
cd /mnt
dd if=/dev/zero of=debian.ext2 seek=320000
mkfs.ext3 debian.ext2
mount -o loop debian.ext2 /mnt2
debootstrap --foreign --arch armel lenny /mnt2/
cd /
losetup -d /dev/loop0
umount /mnt2
umount /mnt
# On Android...
# ...don't forget disable sleep on AC power and plug it in.
busybox ash
modprobe ext2
# or maybe
# insmod ./system/modules/2.6.25-01843-gfea26b0/kernel/fs/ext2/ext2.ko
# unplug/replug usb cable to get sdcard back
mount -o loop /sdcard/debian.ext2 /data/debian
chroot /data/debian debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stage