February 26th, 2009

t-mobile g1: not really a phone, fraud by O2

And yes, I should have bought ADP1; unfortunately, ADP1 is not easy to
buy here, while for G1 you just have to walk to a shop... I did not
know czech version is different from US/UK, and impossible to root

There's still few things I would blame t-mobile for: a) I did not know
phone I was buying is different/less useful than the US/UK version. b)
nowhere does it tell you that you can't use it to tether machine to
UMTS. c) you _have to_ create google account, just to call
non-emergency numbers. There's no warning on package, and you have to
agree to ugly legaleese to do that. [In retrospect, I should have just
press "disagree" and returned the phone.] d) I do not think I got
source code for GPL parts or written offer. Seems like t-mobile
actually violates GPL here.

Now... not that O2 is much better. O2 has "internet in your mobile free for 3 months" offer... so I went to a shop, specifically asked about that, and bought pre-paid sim card just to get advantage of that offer. Then I tried to activate it, and of course it did not work... apparently you have to recharge your SIM card first; but noone told me that at the shop, and that info is not on their web pages :-(.