January 21st, 2009

Android coming

I guess I'm getting a new phone at the end of january. Yes, t-mobile
g1 is coming to czech republic. UMTS/HSDPA + wifi seems useful, GPS +
compass + accelerometers... lets see how good the GPS chip is. No
radio, and no flashlight -- bad. No SD slot, but that was to be
expected I guess.

Does it charge from USB? (According to pictures, its charger looks
like standard miniUSB. But will it draw full power without additional
magic?) I was told battery life is horrible... like "less than day of
use" kind of horrible? No 3.5mm jack, so I hope they at least provide

Does it have USB host? (No accessories exploiting that, so I tend not
to think so...) Can wifi do AP mode? (That would be kind of cool). Do
standard AT commands work? I'd like to use it for connecting my
notebook to the internet... I'm currently using 6151 over bluetooth,
but g1 has HSDPA.

I know that getting "root" was possible on earlier versions. I hope
that still works in whatever t-mobile sells (and that they will not be
stupid enough to operator-lock it).

Is the html browser actually useful? Like... better than opera mini on
6151? Can g1 run regular j2me applications? Were problems with pop3
servers resolved? Can it connect over imaps? Can it synchronize
contacts/calendar over syncml? Is there reasonable way to sync it with

I don't have google account and don't plan to get one. Will g1 still
be useful?