August 21st, 2008

OperaMini speed, timing network technologies

Connectivity|GPRS|GPRS connection|Always online seems to make nokia 6151 behave a lot better. Delay after inactivity went from 3 seconds to 1 on UMTS, so it now works as well as GPRS...

I did some experiments with eurotel CDMA... and it is about twice faster than UMTS on download, cool... but the speed varies rather a lot, and upload is about same speed as UMTS...

Download:	351,73 kbit/s (43,97 kB/s)	
Upload:	        113,59 kbit/s (14,20 kB/s)	
Web ping:	210.5ms 219.6ms 239.1ms	
Stability:	92.7 %

Download:	39,95 kbit/s (4,99 kB/s)	
Web ping:	961.6ms 1165.7ms 1437.5ms	

Download:	1 134,34 kbit/s (141,79 kB/s)
Upload:	        135,50 kbit/s (16,94 kB/s)	
Web ping:	213.9ms 330.7ms 607.3ms	
Stability:	51.6 %