December 26th, 2006

Olympus c-765 and crappy ui

I hate hate hate that olympus c-765. Its user interface is brain-dead,
with _very_ non obvious side effects. Enable multiple-picture mode,
and your flash stops working. It took me quite a while to figure out.
Now I hit another nasty side effect. Turn on audio recording, and
camera will not let you zoom while recording. Oops?

Yes, I realize that its zoom motor is just loud, but I was trying to
capture running horses at zoo, and needed that zoom. I'd have deleted
the audio track at the computer, anyway...

I was looking at some SLR reviews... and I still don't think if SLR is right
model for me. Yep, controls are nice... but c-765 has them, too, you just have
to go through the menu. OTOH zoom from 1x to 10x is very easy on c-765, and I'd
have to exchange lens to do that on SLR... Exchange _expensive_ lenses... Plus SLR
is unable to record video...