December 21st, 2006

(no subject)

Phone software for sx1 is now available on sourceforge. I decided to call it "tui", for telephone user interface. Project is at .../projects/tui.

China mandates common charger plugs for cellphones... which is great news. I'm tired of having to carry 4+ chargers with me. News at techdirt.

Opera mini just got more useful: some Russian hackers hacked it a lot (including more windows, wow!). It is at I just wonder how to get any version of opera-mini to run on sx1... it keeps claiming connection does not work -- even for sx1 version downloaded from Russia. Plus... can someone recommend good email client for sx1? I'd like to access my suse email from cellphone, unfortunately that needs imaps. sx1 does imaps fine against atrey, but not against I guess I should just improve mujmail...

BTW mujmail... is slowly getting more useful. It now contains on-device caching, and nicer progress indicantion, thanks to Sontung. It is at sourceforge, in javaphone project.

(edited the entry to fix urls.)