November 19th, 2006

Vista cracked

I had long debate with Rolf Karlsson about security of Windows Vista (with my line something as "hope they get it right this time; getting security right means they loose all the home users immediately, meaning they are irrelevant in few years", in Czech republic, anyway).

So now it looks like I was wrong; Vista were cracked at the day of release. (Or should I say two months before release?) It is apparently easier to crack Windows then buy them ;-).

Some info here.

I just hope that their DRM is as secure as their installer ;-).

ThinkFinger has new home

So... it seems there's quite a lot of interest in hack called thinkfinger. It now has new home, at, and thanks to Timo's great work, it is now library with autotools, etc... that should make bioapi integration easy.

(Heh, I guess we need some webpages... and we should probably add an mailing list. But at least code is there in the svn. If some web designer is lurking around, yes, we could probably use your help :-).