November 8th, 2006

OpenMoko linux phone

...looks nice. Actually, it looks very nice; motorola had chance to do something like this with their a780 line, but they failed :-(. Being open really matters here.

Still, it is touchscreen phone => not the beast you can control in a bus on a rough road, not a beast you can use while walking (needs both hands), and not a beast you'd like to use while riding a horse. I've actually used nokia 6230 for navigation (compass, maps) and sms communication while riding arabian mare, and going pretty fast... attempt to do that with touchscreen phone would certainly result in me sitting on the ground, and mare moving away at 40kph. Plus, there's no word on phone's weight.

Details here. Ouch, it looks like it has _no_ keyboard at all. I guess that's going to suck for single-hand control... it does not seem to have bluetooth (bad!) and no word about UMTS (but I assume the answer is "no").

So... they picked the easy target -- touchscreen phone is relatively simple to do, because all the infrastructure can be used. Still, bringing it to market is probably not the easy task, so thank you, FIC. (Now... anyone wants to send me one of those to play with? Is it likely it will be possible to buy one in Czech republic/europe?)