September 24th, 2006

Using children for spying goals...

Gonzales wants to spy on you, using child pornography as an excuse.

Funny, when people copy music online, it is assumed to hurt music industry. So... to stop people from producing more child pornography, it should be enough to copy existing one as widely as possible, no?

Anyway, what happens in US is crazy. Any picture of naked child is immediately child pornography, and used as an excuse for more spying.

As a bonus, here's picture of one-year-old trying to make love with 6-year old. No children were harmed while producing this photo.

Collie: touchscreen now works in X

Start with openzaurus, use gpe image (we want X, right?). Use kernel with my patches (from git); I'm not sure if openzaurus carries all the neccessary patches.

oz includes wrong ts.conf, edit it to say:
module_raw input
module linear

for some reason, oz does not create /dev/input/*, which is actually neccessary for touchscreen. Hack initscripts so that following code is started before X:

mkdir /dev/input
mknod /dev/input/event0 c 13 64
mknod /dev/input/event1 c 13 65

xtscal should now work, and touchscreen should work. Keyboard map is unusable, unfortunately. (I have not figured out how to enter numbers and special characters). gpe-based programs seem to segfault... and only left half of messages makes it to the screen:

(gpe-calculator:3592):: Pango-WARNING
were found. Pango will not work correc
there was an error in the creation of
You may be able to recreate this file
Segmentation fault

...guess I'll have to play a bit more.

gpe boots on collie 2.6

...things were relatively easy after getting touchscreen to work. pango-querymodule can be used to recreate /etc/pango/pango.module ... but how do you do that without working ">" key?

Fortunately shift-space aka "|" works, so solution is relatively easy... pango-querymodule | tee /etc/pango/pango.module. Now I can get gpe booting, asks me for my username/password, complains about missing image loaders a lot, and then presents me with (dead) "Home" screen.

Funny, on second boot, "Home" screen actually works, and I can navigate around menus. Entering games, but no games installed ;-). This actually looks like usable system!

Trying to launch system info gives me "couldn't recognize the image file format for file /usr/share/gpe/pixmaps/default/save.png" and machine started to be _really_ slow... system info will not start, but gcalculator seems to be okay (but its startup took 10seconds or so :-() and xshells work. Good. I guess it would be fun to get gpsdrive working here, but I fear collie is just not powerful enough for _that_.