September 14th, 2006

Motorola A1200 to play with

So motorola has linux phone... nice! Unfortunately the phone is mainly targetted at Chinese market => not so nice. User interface is not good, flickers a lot, is inconsistently translated, and I do think you can use it without using touchscreen. Oh and the joystick is horrible.

Anyway, having linux-based phone is cool. Motorola did they best to prevent you from hacking it.. you are expected to use java for development. (At least it can install .jar from transflash card -- but you need to use "My Favourites"). Fortunately telnet is possible, some info is in openezx wiki, but the basics are:

install linlodaer
install telnet/smbd
ifconfig usb0

Being able to telnet into phone is nice... having selinux preventing you from acccessing system folders sucks :-(.

Oh, and for the x60 and fingerprint reader.. if suspend does not work for you, fingerprint reader is probably not guilty -- it works okay for me. Make sure you use vanilla kernel.