July 25th, 2006

thinkpad X60 fingerprint scanner works (should work on x41, too)

Thanks to vsu_alt, that crc really was udf-crc. So now fingerprint scanner works for me. Download thinkfinger.c and follow instructions in comments.

Some good place to host this would be nice (I guess that it is too small to be worth of sourceforge.net project).

Ugh.. and some amusing email reached my inbox. Apparently IRS wants to give me $64, or something. Someone is phishing at http://ns0.msl.ne.jp/~takeshi/%20/%20/index.html ... that redirects you to nicely-done phishing formular at http://ap.ro/~gutandgross/ . How do you shut such bastards down? Or are they only victims of some worm? (Probably should be shat-down anyway). (Be very careful when visiting above urls with anything other than telnet XXXX 80).