July 21st, 2006

Kernel summit, OLS and fingerprints

Kernel summit was nice, as expected, there was some flamewar about
swsusp. I also expected huge flamewar about AppArmor, and yes it
happened, but I could not participate -- Linus and Christoph did all
the flaming.

At the beggining of the OLS, I realized why I was flamed for swsusp
not working: it works in Fedora -- in about 50% of cases :-(. We
debugged it a bit with Peter Jones (LVM really makes debugging swsusp
"interesting"), tried to do experiments with SuSE10.1 (known to work
more than 50% times :-), ended up physically swapping harddrives, and
yes, kernel compiled by me did work as expected (but it does not use
LVM and many other goodies). Hopefully Peter can debug it now.

I got a new x60 to play with, here are first results: Suspend to RAM
and to disk seems to work, provided you apply AHCI fixes (see
lkml). It is fairly nice machine, unfortunately it still uses the CPU
fan even when idle. Unlike x32, weight on this machine is on the back,
so when you attempt to open the lid single-handed, you lift the front
of the machine, instead. It also makes machine seem heavy when lifting
at the front area (as I was used to).

Oh and you need to disable checksum code on e1000 if you want your
ethernet to work.

x60 has nice fingerprint scanner. I could get binary-only modules to
run that one, but... I would prefer not to do that. Does anyone did
any work at reverse-engineering that beast? I did a little googling
but could not find much.