June 8th, 2006

oz funnynes

.../dev/hda2 has been mounted 260 times without being checked...

Okay, so I have oz on spitz here. Few rants:

Kernel messages may be ugly, but splashing them with blank screen is very bad idea. Outdoors, you get no feedback that power button worked until init boots. No, staring at blank screen is not nice. (Indoors, you can tell that machine is doing something because backlight turns on).

It would be nice to include fsck in initscripts. I know that fscking PDA is "interesting", but it is polite thing to do. Besides, my /dev/hda1 tells me:

.../dev/hda1 contains a file system with errors, check forced.
Inodes that were part of corrupted orphan linked list found. Fix

not including periodic checks is one thing, but ignoring "needs check" flag is positively bad.